About LassiterWare

Our Story Begins

G.G. Ware

J. Paul Lassiter

Ted R. Ostrander, Sr.

Ted R. Ostrander, Jr.

Doug Childers

1909 – G.G. Ware was a pioneer insurance agent in Leesburg, having handled insurance along with his bank duties as President of the First National Bank in 1909. 

1912 – Ware joined forces with L.M. Johnson and Johnson and Ware was formed; once again, Ware became president of that company.

1922 – Johnson and Ware was sold to the First National Company of Leesburg and Ware became president.

1931 – Ware hired J. Paul Lassiter as manager of the company and in 1943, both Ware and Lassiter resigned from the First National Company and formed Lassiter-Ware.

1946 – T.R. “Ted” Ostrander Sr. joined Lassiter-Ware and was named president in 1972 and Ted Ostrander Jr. became part of the team. Ostrander, Sr. acquired other agencies and opened offices in Eustis, Brooksville and Inverness.

1983 – Ostrander Jr. became president, and under his leadership, Lassiter-Ware grew considerably opening offices in Ocala, Tampa, Jacksonville and Maitland.

2013 – Doug Childers became president and chief executive officer; he carries the mindset as well as tradition of past leaders, and leads the company through economic changes, innovation and growth.

2017 – LassiterWare becomes a partner with Acrisure, a privately held company and one of the top 10 insurance brokerages in the world.

Today   LassiterWare employs over 100 employees in  seven locations and continues to meet the needs of clients with Commercial, Employee Benefits and Personal Lines insurance.  LassierWare’s leadership and employees honor and maintain the tagline that the company is known for ”Serving You First”!

We do not just promise the best solutions and resources in the insurance industry; we are your experienced professionals built on a solid foundation and a proven history of trust!

Our Story Continues…

Patented Process

LassiterWare employs a three step evaluative process to identify risk, provide innovative solutions and implement programs to help your company save money in the future. Once we’ve performed a diagnostic of your business risk, we will help you design an Risk Solutions Plan customized to provide ongoing defense against your exposure.


Exposures to loss are identified through a formal audit process and an assessment of the business’ tolerance for risk is made.


Strategies are developed to:

  • eliminate or control identified risks; and
  • transfer those risk exposures that are financially catastrophic, undesirable or contractually required.


A customized and systematic plan is jointly established to implement practices, procedures, training and risk transfer programs necessary to execute the desired risk and cost reduction results.


The leadership team is an essential part of the business and helps steer our organization towards continued success. With over six decades of experience, our team of 8 executive managers brings a passion to Serving You First that flows throughout LassiterWare and its dedicated employees.


In 2008, LassiterWare Cares was formed by the employees of the organization and is fully funded by them as well. The drive of this foundation rests solely in the passion of becoming a difference maker in the communities we serve throughout our six geographical locations.


Our success lays right in line with the commitment and drive of our employees. LassiterWare prides itself in recruiting diverse and experienced individuals who have an unparalleled work ethic in meeting the needs of our clients.


Industry relationships have been a key part in bringing LassiterWare to the status and success it is today. Our clients can be sure that we are staying in tune with the latest issues shaping their business, commerce within their community and opportunities to optimize their success.