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Inflation reached 8.6% in May, Highest Increase in 40 Years!  What’s Next?  “Virtually every sector has higher-than normal inflation.  It’s made its way into every nook and cranny of the economy.”  – Ethan Harris, Head of Global Economic Research at Bank of America.  For more perspective click HERE

Underestimating Flood Risk?

Flooding remains a major natural disaster risk in the United States.  6+ Million Households & Property Owners Could Be Underestimating Their Flood Risk.  Statistics show that in 2019, floods caused a total of $3.75 billion dollars’ worth of damage to property and crops across the country.

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Demystifying the CARES Employee Retention Tax Credit

Tue, Oct 19, 2021
Demystifying the CARES Employee Retention Tax Credit
The Most Lucrative Tax Credit in History  | Speaker:  Jesse Sanger, National Sales Manager, Synergi Partners. 

Jesse Sanger, National Sales Manager with Synergi Partners has been in the tax and accounting business for 12 years in Florida. Synergi Partners is the industry leader in hiring credits and tax incentives. Synergi Partners specializes in helping employers take advantage of federal stimulus like the CARES ERTC, Disaster ERTC, Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and State Hiring/Job Growth Credits.
The CARES ERTC is the most lucrative tax credit in history but also the most confusing. Synergi Partners has been involved in the legislation from the beginning and give clarity to who qualifies and the legislative intent.
CARES Employee Retention Act
  • Who qualifies?
  • Misconceptions about the credit
  • How you can qualify as an “essential” business or qualify without meeting the Gross Receipts test
  • Legislative Update

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Utilizing Creative Benefits for Employees

Speaker:  Tye Elliott, EVP Voluntary Benefits. Shawn Ferguson, Nat’l SVP and  and Gresham Olson, Administrator, Voluntary Benefits | Acrisure

Don’t miss this webinar as Shawn Ferguson, National SVP of Voluntary Benefits at Acrisure, and Tye Elliott, Executive VP of Acrisure, will join together and co-present a set of blueprints to consider implementing in your organization.

Shawn and Tye will share how to fulfill all of the 4 bullet points below at no cost to employer:

  • Mitigate Worker’s Compensation Risks
  • Enhance culture with employee benefit packages
  • Identify options and educate employees on the value of benefit packages
  • Improve, attract and retain employees

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Coach your Team to WIN Engagement and “Buy-in”

Speaker:  E. Scott Bowers, SCP, Vice President | HR Consulting  and LassiterWare 

Scott Bowers, SCP and Vice President of HR Consulting for LassiterWare, will be sharing his expertise on how to coach your team to win! Owning a solid and steady career in human resources for over 45 years, Scott fully understands strategies and methods to engage employees.

In this webinar, Scott will focus on the following:
– Competency development
– Wellness and wellbeing
– Sense of belonging
– Alignment between employees and the organization

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