Human Capital Management & PEO

Tired of being forced to buy a product or service you don’t need just to get one you do? Frustrated with ever-changing legislative compliance requirements? Human Resource tasks preventing you from doing what you do best? If so, LassiterWare has a solution just for you!

Implementing Payroll Services, a Human Resource Information System (HRIS), or partnering with a Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) can be helpful strategies for any organization. They can dramatically decrease administrative time, ensure compliance, and even decrease liability when optimized specific to your operation.

Our team is determined to bring our clients every available option that will aid them in achieving their goals. Our team is pleased to consult with you about what services you truly need and provide recommendations that are in the best interest of your business.

LassiterWare’s reputation in risk management allows us to strategically partner with the most reputable and innovative service providers and our wholly owned subsidiary. Staff Leasing Services represents over 30 Professional Employer Organizations. Many of these vendors and PEOs offer pricing advantages not available directly from the provider because they trust the diligence our professionals have in developing Best in Class Employment Practices for our clients.