Dictionary by Merriam-Webster

Definition of culture of success:

Policies and an environment that encourage success

LassiterWare began a Culture Champion Program in September of 2016. In five locations, a “Champion” was presented with and accepted the “voluntary” role. Our Culture Champions carry out their roles with dignity and passion. Following a budget based on the number of employees specific to each office, champions plan fun events throughout the year.

LassiterWare is proud of the Culture Champion Program and the Culture Champions are extremely valued for their positive attitude in enforcing a healthy and encouraging environment.

Email from Doug Childers, President and CEO, to Culture Champions in July 2017

I take your role as Culture Champion very seriously. I fully expect culture champions to bring out the positive aspects of our agency and mission, avoid and trample negativity and to NEVER be involved in poisonous gossip. As a culture champion you will be saying “we” more than “they” when talking about agency goals and leadership.

You each have made a HUGE impact in the culture of your offices. I appreciate you very much and I know our employees do as well.