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Upcoming Seminars – Personal Preparedness

Coach your Team to WIN Engagement and “Buy-in”

Speaker:  E. Scott Bowers, SCP, Vice President | HR Consulting  and LassiterWare  Scott Bowers, SCP and Vice President of HR Consulting for LassiterWare, will be sharing his expertise on how to coach your team to win! Owning a solid and steady career in human...

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Let the Good Times Roll

Liability Coverage   |   Are you ready to let the good times roll?  Are you protected when you roll out into the new world after the pandemic? To help you prepare to safely roll out, please read this article. Let the Good Times Roll Safely

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National Hurricane Week

National Hurricane Preparedness Week   |   May 9-15, 2021 -  Hurricane season in the Atlantic runs from June 1 to November 30, however, activity peaks starting in mid-August. To help you prepare, please read this article. National Hurricane Preparedness Week...

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Evaluating your 401k

Michael Clark, a Certified Financial Planner with Raymond James, and the new financial advisor for LassiterWare, will share his expertise in assisting business owners and individuals with their 401k. Michael takes his career seriously, and by doing so, he successfully...

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Success Story on Captive – Alternate form of Risk Management

Mike Shea, LassiterWare Producer, interviews Todd Barna, President of Speedy Concrete Cutting and one of LassiterWare's top clients.  Todd shares his successful story on how moving to a Captive has been a game changer for Speedy Concrete Cutting.  By creating their...

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How to Cope with COVID 19 Stress

LassiterWare Academy - How to Cope with COVID 19 Stress Presenter:  Rick Hankey, Executive Vice President, LifeStream Behavioral Center Mental Health affects how we think, feel, and act.  It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy...

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Florida Property Insurance Hikes

Florida consumers "flabbergasted" as property insurers push for double-digit rate hikes!  This nationally syndicated article, published in Reuters by Suzanne Barilyn, does a great job of explaining Florida's property insurance industry challenges.  As noted in the...

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