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Workers’ Compensation | The Road to Savings

January 25, 2017, 9:30 am – 10:30 am

The three main reasons workers’ compensation costs are high:

1. Too many claims, lasting too long.

*At LassiterWare, we say, “The only good claim, is a closed claim.”

2. Poor program design.

*Communication, education and motivation need to be at the forefront when designing and implementing.

3. Lack of involvement by the employer.

*The most important aspect to a successful Workers’ Compensation Program is the level of commitment and awareness put forth by the employer.

Yes, the road to savings is achievable. Join us as we introduce LassiterWare’s iComp platform and provide proactive strategies that employers can use to reduce workers’ compensation costs.

John Bruneau, Esq. 
Vice President of Insurance Operations
LassiterWare, Inc.

Teresa A. Long, MWCA, CWCA 
Director of Injury Management
LassiterWare, Inc.

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