LassiterWare will continue to update this resource center with legal and information documents as it relates to COVID-19.  This center includes information on Legislative Programs, Managing Employees and the Workplace Environment, and Wellness information for all individuals.  

          Paycheck Protection Program
Congress Passes Bill Amending Paycheck Protection Program
             – Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Borrower Application Form – SBA Form 2483 by Small Business Administration
          Small Business Administration (SBA)
             – Small Business Guide and Checklist on Coronavirus Emergency Loans
             – COVID-19 Small Business Loan Programs Summary by Citizens Bank
         Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)
             – DOL FFCRA – Questions and Answers
           – DOL Clarifies Exemptions to Coronavirus Paid Leave Laws
             – Employee Rights – Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act)
             – Families First Coronavirus Act – What Employer Needs to Know
             – FFCRA-Flow-Chart by Acrisure
             – FFCRA Flow Chart April 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020
             – FFCRA Notice – Frequently Asked Questions
             – President Trump Signs the FFCRA – What Employers Need to Know
             – Coronavirus Bill Requiring Paid Employee Leave Signed Into Law
         Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES)
CARES Act Makes Changes for Retirement Plans
             – The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act by Acrisure
             – Summary of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act)
         Stimulus Package
             – Understanding the Historic $2 Trillion Stimulus Package
             – Coronavirus Stimulus Direct Payments FAQ
             – Senate Passes $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill
             – Congress Agrees to $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill

       Zywave Webinar
       June 3, 2020 / 1 pm EasternSession is FULL, however, register HERE and recording will be emailed to you
             – COVID-19 Compliance Update for Employers 
       On-Demand COVID-19 Webinars Available – “KPA’s Take”
              – Paying Out Emergency FMLA
             – Leave Laws
Employee Retention Credit & CARES Act
 How to Manage COVID-19 Anxiety and Safety At Work
       May 15, 2020 / 1 pm Eastern
             – Reopening Your Business in a Post-Pandemic Era
       May 13, 2020 / 2 pm Eastern
             – Employment Law Considerations in a Post-Pandemic Era

Guides / Programs
              – COVID-19 Vaccine Considerations for Employers
              Virtual Open Enrollment Fairs
              – Encouraging Employees to Take PTO During the COVID-19 Pandemic

              – CDC Director Warns of Worst Fall for Public Health if COVID-19 Measures Are Not Followed

              President Trump Signs Executive Orders on Pandemic Relief
              – Using Antibody Tests for COVID-19

             – Best of Remote Work HR Insights
             – EEOC Expands COVID-19 Return to Work Guidance
             – Preparing for a Second Wave of COVID
             – Restaurant Risk Insights – COVID-19 Reopening Considerations
             – The Coronavirus and the New Normal
             – OSHA Guidance on Returning to Work – Nonessential Businesses
Compliance Bulletin… HSA-HDHP Limits Increase for 2021
Managing Your Chronic Condition During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Chronic Conditions and the COVID-19 Pandemic
             – In the Know – What do Do After Receiving a PPP Loan
Employee Leave-Sharing Programs and the Coronavirus
RI-COVID-19 Reopening Considerations for Gyms and Fitness Centers
RI-COVID-19 Reopening Considerations for Hair and Nail Salons
Restaurant Risk Insights – COVID-19 Reopening Considerations
             – Business Continuity Planning For an Infectious Disease Event – by The Hartford
Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility – by The Hartford
             – Cleaning and Sanitizing Vehicles – by The Hartford

             – COVID-19’s Impact on HSAs
             – Defensive Driving Reinforced Prior to Reopening Company – by The Hartford
Dependent Care Benefits and COVID-19 Outbreak
             – HR Insights – Business Travel After COVID-19

             – HR Toolkit – Onboarding Remote Employees
             – How Much Paid Leave Can Employees Take
             – In the Know – PPP Guidance for Employees Refusing to Return to Work
             – Post-coronavirus Workplace Preparedness Checklist
             – Reopening Idle Facilities and Restarting Operations – by The Hartford
             – Return to Work Program Services Portfolio
             – Return to Work Services Overview
             – 5 Practice and Policy Considerations in Advance of Return to Work

        Action Plan
             – Creating a Return to Work Action Plan
             – SAMPLE Return to Work Action Plan – Design 1
             – SAMPLE Return to Work Action Plan – Design 2 

             – CDC Testing Strategies for Non-Healthcare Work places
EEOC Updates Employer Guidance on Coronavirus and the ADA      
             – COVID-19 WC Rule Excluding Furlough Employee Payroll
             – Secure Your Business from Cyber Threats – 5 Easy Steps
             – Federal Agencies Issue COVID 19 Relief for Employee Benefit Plans (002)
             – IRS Section 139 qualified disaster relief payments and Coronavirus

             – COVID-19 Scenarios and Benefits Available Table
             – Opening Up America Again Guidelines
             – HR Toolkit – The Employer’s Guide to COVID-19
             – OSHA Enforcement Priorities During the Coronavirus Pandemic
             – Updating Health Plans for Coronavirus Changes
             – NEW – OSHA Eases Enforcement of Respiratory Protection Standards During N95 Shortage
             – Coronavirus Reporting and Recording under OSHA Rules

             – Work Comp Insights – Coronavirus Considerations
             – Federal Social Distancing Guidelines
             – Employee Compensation and Benefits During Closures and Furloughs
             – Coronavirus and Managing Remote Work Cyber Risks
             – Risk Insights – Force Majeure and Coronavirus
             – Special Alert WEBINARS – HR & Benefits Compliance by Acrisure
             – HR Compliance Bulletin – IRS Issues Guidance
             – Working from Home During a Coronavirus Outbreak
             – An Employer’s Guide to Managing Remote Employees

             – OSHA – Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19
             – Legal Update – Some States Require Insurance Protections
             – DOL Issues Additional Employer Resources
             – Important Updates on Coronavirus and the Workplace
             – Plan. Don’t Panic: 10 Things Employers Should Do to Deal With Coronavirus
             – HR Compliance Bulletin
             – HR Insights – Coronavirus and the Workplace

             – Keeping Your Household Safe as Children Return to In-Person School During the Pandemic
             – Know Your Benefit
             – What You Need to Know About COVID-19
             – What to Do if You Are Sick
             – COVID-19 Symptoms
             – Live Well, Work Well