Predictive Modeling Solutions

LassiterWare is in business to design faster, safer and smarter business solutions for our clients/partners, which is why we utilize predictive modeling solutions technology to help us in this process. This data helps us identify and develop exceptional product lines that will help our clients increase both profitability and performance. With today’s economy, success is measured mostly by all types of data. The need for efficient ongoing analytics is necessary to create a statistical model of future behavior. These models assist with everything from underwriting decisions to policy pricing, and potential claims. Predictive modeling can have a huge impact on improving the rates of accuracy, loss ratios, reporting capabilities and profitability.

LassiterWare knows how challenging these predictors can be. We spend time and research on delivering real predictive modeling solutions unique to each client. Our services consist of cutting-edge analytics and experienced advisors who will gather and structure vital information for your organization to aid you with budgeting and planning health insurance utilization, cost trends and claims, whether to change your existing business practices, processes, customer service, marketing and solutions, or recalibrating your existing model to improve outcomes.
We begin with a diagnostic assessment of your operation that allows us to identify, measure, and prioritize your exposure to losses. Our Risk Experts then eliminate as many risks as possible by designing practical & effective loss controls. By communicating all of your proactive initiatives to the insurance carriers, we improve your risk profile which not only enhances the insurance marketplace’s appetite for your account, but creates efficiencies in your operation.
LassiterWare knows the importance of a win-win partner relationship. No matter how good the analytics, the human dynamic is still a critical aspect of business success while building trust and transparency.

Our capabilities include:

  • Find the most lucrative opportunities in less time
  • Optimize and expand channels for growth
  • Automate – don’t rely on expensive people resources
  • Faster time to insight