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Mon, Jun 28 | Time:  2-3 PM | Work Comp Litigation –  How to Prevent Employee from Hiring a Lawyer
Speaker:  Courtney Sehmer, WC Claims Specialist | Lassiterware and Bryan A. Lowe, Esquire| Dean, Ringers, Morgan & Lawton, P.A.

Courtney Sehmer, WC Claims Specialist at LassiterWare and Bryan A. Lowe, Esquire, with Deans, Ringers, Morgan & Lawton, P.A., join together to co-present a webinar you will not want to miss!!

In this webinar, Courtney and Bryan will tag team as they present the following:

    • Tips for preventing WC litigation
    • Top litigation drivers in WC
    • Creating a culture of communication
    • Litigated claims vs. non-litigated claims


Tue, Jul 20 | Coach your Team to WIN Engagement and “Buy-in” 
Speaker:  E. Scott Bowers, SCP, Vice President | HR Consulting  and LassiterWare 

E. Scott Bowers, SCP and Vice President of HR Consulting for LassiterWare, will be sharing his expertise on how to coach your team to win! Owning a solid and steady career in human resources for over 45 years, Scott fully understands strategies and methods to engage employees.

In this webinar, Scott will focus on the following:

    • Competency development
    • Wellness and wellbeing
    • Sense of belonging
    • Alignment between employees and the organization

Tue, Sep 28 | Creative Benefits for Employees
Speaker:  Shawn Ferguson, Nat’l SVP and Tye Elliott, EVP Voluntary Benefits | Acrisure

Don’t miss this webinar as Shawn Ferguson, National SVP of Voluntary Benefits at Acrisure, and Tye Elliott, Executive VP of Acrisure, will join together and co-present a set of blueprints to consider implementing in your organization. Join us as Shawn and Tye will cover:

    • Employee Recognition
    • Community Involvement
    • Culture
    • Family-Friendly


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