LassiterWare’s Longtime Leader, Ted Ostrander, Takes His Final Bow

LassiterWare’s Longtime Leader, Ted Ostrander, Takes His Final Bow

LEESBURG, FLORIDA – LassiterWare’s Longtime Leader, Ted Ostrander, Took His Final Bow into Retirement on October 1, 2017.

Ted R. Ostrander, Jr., longtime Chairman and former President/CEO of LassiterWare Insurance, retired October 1, marking his 44th year with the agency to the day.

Ostrander, took a step down in 2013 into the Chairman role and allowed his selected successor, Doug Childers, Jr., to assume the role of President/CEO. Doug joined the agency in 2005 and quickly began moving towards leadership.

“I was completely honored for two reasons; one being my respect for his character, and two, for Ted’s humility. It takes an enormous amount of courage and trust to allow someone to step into your shoes and lead your team, and Ted did that for me. He allowed me to make mistakes so I could grow and I am forever thankful for his continued love and support,” Doug Childers, Jr., LassiterWare President.

The appointment of Childers in 2013 was the start of a multi-year succession plan. LassiterWare recently celebrated Ted’s retirement at Mission Inn Resort & Club. The “Life of a LassiterWare President” event was filled with many memories, laughs and well wishes after a remarkable 44-year performance. Many long-tenured employees and colleagues shared stories of Ted’s leadership and guidance throughout the years.

Ted’s wife, Gail Ostrander, their daughter, Katie Yeager and her husband Chester Yaeger, and their son Matt Ostrander and his wife Erica Ostrander celebrated with Ted in grand style.  Matt, who joined the agency in 2009, emceed the night. Many of the current LassiterWare employees have worked with Ted for over 25 years and built a strong bond with not only him, but with his wife, Gail, as well. There was a very special tribute given by the LassiterWare employees to Ted’s wife for her longtime commitment to the well-being of LassiterWare. The night wrapped up with endearing final words from Ted and it was clear, by the reactions in the room, the impact of Ted’s legacy on LassiterWare and the industry was truly one of a kind.

On behalf of the entire agency, we owe a debt of gratitude to Ted Ostrander. His role within LassiterWare has been instrumental in establishing and preserving the organization’s reputation and stability. From driving us through the years of recession and steering us into becoming one of the largest and most successful agencies in the United States, we truly can never repay him.

Congratulations, Ted! Thank you for your vision and for your loyal leadership!


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